Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

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Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, also known as SIJS, is a federal law that aids undocumented minors in the state juvenile system in obtaining legal immigration status. A child who has been abused, abandoned, or neglected by one or both of their parents, may be able to obtain Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. Due to the complex nature of these types of cases, SIJS requires adjudication in two different legal areas – state court and federal government. Our Baton Rouge and Kenner immigration lawyers at Mayeaux & Associates L.C. can help you apply for SIJS.

Eligibility requirements for Louisiana SIJS include:

1. The child is under 18 years old and unmarried;

2. State court predicate order, regarding the custody placement and best interest of the child.

How to Apply for SIJS

After determining that the child is eligible for SIJS in the state court where he or she lives, you may be able to obtain state court predicate order. Once in possession of the state court order, you can submit a petition for SIJS with the federal government (USCIS). After USCIS adjudicates and approves the SIJS Petition, the child will be eligible for employment authorization and eventually may be eligible to apply for Lawful Permanent Resident Status. 

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