Divorce & Domestic Violence

Whether you need a divorce to marry your U.S. Citizen partner, or you need protection from domestic violence, we can help you in Louisiana's family courts. To get answers specific to your case, contact us at 225-754-4477 to schedule a free consultation.


More and more today, the makeup of a family transcends borders. Likewise, the breakup of a married couple also transcends borders and international divorce can pose unique challenges. At Mayeaux & Associates L.C., our family law attorneys based in Louisiana understand these challenges and how to proactively address them. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence describes a range of harm committed in the context of a domestic relationship, usually between spouses, intimate partners, or relatives. Examples of physical acts that can arise from domestic violence include punching, hitting, slapping, or shoving. However, it could extend to other patterns of abusive behavior, like threats of violence and sexual abuse. Victims of domestic violence are potentially eligible to apply for immigration relief under a U visa or under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). To discuss the specific circumstances of your case and your potential eligibility, contact us at 225-754-4477 to schedule a free consultation.

Filing a Protective Order in Louisiana

An individual who has suffered domestic violence may be able to obtain a protective order against their abuser. A protective order may restrict a defendant's contact with the victim and their children; it may order the abuser to pay child support; and it may even require the defendant to leave the family home. Once the necessary forms are filed, protective orders are issued by a Judge, following a court hearing at which the victim and potentially their abuser are present. Our experienced attorneys assist victims of domestic violence in obtaining a protective order against their abuser. Once a protective order is issued, an abuser can be arrested for violations of the order. 

How Can Domestic Violence Impact Child Custody in Louisiana?

A history of domestic violence may lead a court to believe that the abusive party is not a safe person to have custody of the children, or hat visitation must be supervised. The court will always consider the evidence and decide what is in the best interest of the child in that situation. 

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